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Digital Forensics

Cell Phone Analysis and Digital / Computer Forensics

In this age, many alleged crimes are said to be supported by the accused cell phones or desk–top computers or laptops. Because this is an ever changing world, with continuously advances of computer systems, mobile devices and other apertures. You need to hire someone with the experience and the tools for retrieving or restoring files, including deleted texts, SMS, images, etc. There are many different forensic companies out there that develop different tools for e–discovery collection and analysis, being used by law enforcement. You need someone that is on your team who understands e–discovery, device capable and⁄or prepared to acquire the same material for your defense. What Jensen Investigations cannot uncover from your devices, they outsource to experts familiar for the equipment that is being examined for extraction.

Retrieving Text Messages

There are many myths about text messaging. Because we get so many calls about retrieving text messages, we will attempt to dispel some of them for you. Text messaging can only be retrieved from the carrier for a limited time depending on the carrier, or from the hand-held device. Since carriers are favoring unlimited texting more and more there is no reason for a carrier to store text messages on a hard-drive. They don’t record telephone conversations ". . . so why would we care to keep text messages," so I’ve been informed. Past safekeeping of text messages was for the carrier’s benefit, it was for billing purposes. Some carriers like Verizon store text messages for 24 hours, AT&T for 3 days, and Cricket Wireless not at all.

From the hand-held device, the SIM card stores text messages for as long as the user desires. Unwanted text messages are deleted. Cheaters tend to delete private text messages right after reading them. With the use of a SIM card recovery device, a private investigator can restore deleted text messages, up to the last 10 deleted text messages. Beyond that once the text message has been removed it stays lost.

There is a procedure for securing text messages for the present day, Jensen Investigations is familiar with that process. The requestor writes a Preservation of Evidence Letter to the carrier and delivers it immediately. That is followed up by a Subpoena for its release. However, the carrier is likely to notify the user, so don’t expect any confidentiality about your request.

Please beware though, any mistake in your request will result in a negative result ("no information available") because carriers are extremely protective of their customers and respect their privacy. It’s serious business.

Digital Forensics Chain of Custody (COC) Form

Please click one of the links below to download the Digital ForensicsChain of Custody (COC) Form. This form must be filled out and signed to be shipped with the device to our facilities for processing. Please contact Jensen Investigations to speak with a private investigator for instructions and help on how to fill it out.

Digital Forensics Chain of Custody (COC) Form Word Doc

Digital Forensics Chain of Custody (COC) Form PDF

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*By law, all information provided is strictly confidential. Jensen Investigations assures you that your information is secure.